Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Vallie Day!

There's nothing quite like Valentines Day to turn Saturday into a lot of fun! Ryder had a special Valentine from Pop and Mimi that arrived in the mail this week. The pink lollipop (cake pop - as he called it) was a big treat!

And because nothing says 'I love you' quite like food...

Braden and Ryder were treated to sausage balls for breakfast (Braden's favourite) and I woke up to a new donut pan (I've been wishing for one for a few months now) filled with the best chocolate in the world. :) Since I had a baby shower brunch (hosted by some very sweet ladies from church) to attend, we'll be breaking in the new pan for breakfast tomorrow. 

Speaking of food, brunch was absolutely delicious! Even better was the sweet company of so many dear friends wishing us well and blessing us beyond what we could have imagined as we prepare for Little Dipper's arrival. So many items from my Amazon registry were gifted, as well as other handmade, practical and fun/creative items. Set up of the baby room is really coming along - now I just need to hear back from our landlord about painting the room.  :)

Here are a few of those sweet friends who showered us today! 

While I was away, Ryder helped Daddy move the bed into his room.

 The rail still needs a coat or two of oil and wax, but it will keep him from rolling out tonight.

I hope that you had a great Saturday with the ones you love!

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