Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Making Valentines!

Such an exciting morning was had at the Apperson house today! I used the upcoming holiday as an excuse to buy Ryder his first set of finger paints - lets just say a lot more than fingers got painted! ;)

Here's my little artist about to get started...

And elbow-deep in his work...

Not many of the Valentines actually look like hearts, but I'm sure our special recipients won't mind one bit.


Silly boy!

After completing his artwork, we had a new friend from church come over and help make our Valentines cookies. Well, as it turned out, the friend actually made most of the cookies while I cared for a sad boy (4 more teeth on the move) but now we have beautiful and tasty linzer and sugar cookies to enjoy and share.

What are you doing to celebrate Valentines Day?

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