Monday, February 2, 2015

Backyards, Backpacks, and Baby Appointments

A little someone has become much more independent and now often asks to play outside all by himself - well, Dixie's usually not far behind - but Ryder enjoys venturing out more on his own while Mama keeps an eye on him from the back door. 

On Sunday, Ryder took his new backpack to church for the first time. He was thrilled to carry the 'bat-pat' all by himself and open it to find his Bible, creature, and little box of raisins. Time to clean the toddler gear out of my diaper bag and get it stocked with burp cloths and extra changes of clothing!

The last few days have been busy at my Etsy shop.  This morning I completed three more orders to ship. Ryder loves to be my helper and eagerly carries fabric scraps one by one to the garbage can and walks around with the broom and dustpan.

Our Monday included a check up with the doctor. Here we are about to head out for the appointment.  I'm just over 36 weeks now! 

And then this evening I thoroughly enjoyed teaching a new piano student. I look forward to continuing to teach and share my love for music here in Fallon!

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