Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Getting Ready for Baby

We finally got around to shuffling dressers last weekend. That freed up Ryder's little nursery dresser for Baby Little Dipper's room. Which was just the motivation I needed to pull Ryder's newborn clothes out of our storage room. 

This is the chaos we started with.
Ryder was my little helper for the afternoon.

Helping turned into trying on various too-small hats...
...and exclaiming over each find.

 And since I was asked for a baby bump photo, here we are at 35+ weeks.

Ryder was excited to get a new fireman's hat at the base gym open house last night - after very patiently waiting through Mama's workout.
A quick walk with these two before heading off to MOPS rounded out our morning. 
Happy Wednesday to you!

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