Sunday, June 14, 2015

Back At It

This was our first full week back home, getting back to life as usual. Here are a few glimpses into the last few days. 

Ryder has been loving his new construction memory game - a gift from the cousins before he left. Since we've been playing with it, he's correctly identified a few different pieces of heavy equipment we've seen while out and about. 

A big digger was spotted after finishing up at the gym on Wednesday and a large crane later on in the week on a quick trip to Safeway.

Sweet Baby Lynden is still just so happy and content. He weathered many hours on the road like a champ and is so much stronger and better at holding up his head on his own. Oh my sweet boy, slow down....

The sun has been out and so we make a point of early morning play time outside before the heat of the day sets in. When Lynden accompanies us, it's hard for Ryder to leave his side - he'd much rather be playing with and entertaining his little brother. <3

I came home to 6 new orders at my Easy Shop. What is it about holidays that brings in the multiple orders, leaving me only a short time to get everything completed and in the mail. Thankfully, I can get a lot of sewing done during nap time and Ryder is going through a book 'reading' phase, so he'll come sit beside me and we talk about and identify each object in the pictures while I work. Love my little bookworm!

In search of a way to beat the heat while getting projects checked off of my to-do list, I put Ryder in his swimsuit and we 'washed' the truck together. 

And two nights this week, we've been able to enjoy fresh lettuce from the garden - our first harvest of the year!

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