Monday, June 8, 2015

Everyone Loves Comfort Food, Right?!

The Cornbread Cafe was described on Yelp (and on their menu) as American Comfort Food. We're all about Yelp, especially when travelling to a new area - 222 reviews, 4.5 stars, 1 dollar sign - it just doesn't get much better than that right?

Except somewhere in my brief glance through the restaurant info, I failed to realize that this particular type of 'American Comfort Food' came without butter, cheese, or even MEAT! Certainly no apple pie...

I think 'vegan' and 'comfort food' may be mutually exclusive. My poor husband! He's too gracious to leave a restaurant after sitting down and picking up the menu (I'm not!) and so we laughed at our mistake and enjoyed an 'alternative' meal. Haha, welcome to Oregon, right?!

Things only got better, as we were able to see (over Woods coffee) a sweet friend and her 3 kiddos.  <3

We took a walk by our little red house. It's so strange seeing different furniture in the den and curtains on the windows. I still love this beautiful old house and have so many sweet memories of our first years together there. 

And here I thought Lynden was getting so big, but when held by another family friend I quickly realized that he's got a little ways to grow. 

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