Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Harrison Lake

I remember going to Harrison Lake and eating Grandma's famous cheese sandwiches on picnics or swimming with my grandparents. It was so fun to devote a whole day of vacation to adventuring with Ryder and his cousins. Alex showed Ryder how to shoo the geese away.

Auntie Joanne furnished each of the kids with shovels, buckets, and nets to catch minnows.

Lynden cooed.
Ryder played.

Isn't the view breathtaking?
I miss our mountains, lakes, and green trees.

The Mitton cousins even found their first ever geocache (aka - treasure) right on the beach. 

After a long morning of play in the hot sun, an awesome locally provided lunch (including fresh caprese and duck sandwiches), ice cream at Baskin Robbins, and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory candied apples to take home for later - this little fella was all tuckered out.  Someone's learning just how much fun cousin-time is!

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