Saturday, June 27, 2015

Weekend Happenings

We're experiencing our first full summer here in Fallon. As you can tell from our forecast, it's been a warm one!

We visited a new store this last week, picking up a few things for an upcoming camping trip. Ryder wasn't sure what to think of the moose.

He did love the monster truck however. This was his first time on a ferris wheel as well, though I didn't capture the moment as I was in the coffee shop feeding Lynden.

After a brief hiatus, due to overworked husbands, the summer supper club was back at it this week. This time we had a Greek night, my first time making tzatziki to go with our colourful kabobs and panzanella. 

Having friends over helped put a dent in Braden's triple chocolate birthday cheesecake. It also brought smiles from Lynden and hysterical giggles from Ryder. <3

And we started our Saturday off celebrating a dear friend's baby. Lynden was pleased with the attention lavished by all of the young ladies while Ryder played with friends in the yard.

Happy Weekend All!

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