Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Latest Pinterest Project

With a little extra time these last few days, I've been able to get started on a new project that's been on my mind for a few months already. There are a few spots on our dining room table where the finish is worn through, so placemats are in order. 

I chose some brightly coloured fabric to match my Fiesta dishes last month when a friend was in town. This week I finally got to measuring, cutting, and sewing.  They're not quite finished, but my goal is to finish them in time for Braden's birthday dinner this weekend. 

If any of you crafty readers out there are interested, I found the VERY SIMPLE tutorial on Pinterest. Here's the link. 

We also said goodbye to the 3 roosters we got in our batch of chicks. I was worried that the neighbours were going to say something about their early morning wake up calls (yikes!) and so we passed them along to go live in the country. 

Ryder was excited to get some treats and 'creature stickers' from the cousins. Oh yes, I also got back the car keys I left in Canada.  Oops! Thanks Jo!

These two sillies are just their typical selves. There's nothing quite like brotherly love. <3

We've made a couple of trips to the library recently to take advantage of some of the summer reading club programs. Brings back memories of biking to the Mt Lehman library for Nancy Drew books and Tintin comics all summer long as a kid. 

It makes my heart so happy to see Ryder loving books. George is a current favourite and he was given this book at the library as a reward for all of the books we read at home last week.

And of course my baby just keeps on growing. Look at the little guy holding his head up so well!  Some days this is how I can best get my work accomplished, and I don't mind. :)

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