Monday, November 3, 2014

Everything Pumpkin

Now that my calendar official reads 'November' I think it's time to deal with the pumpkins decorating my doorstep - before they freeze and become useless.

Aren't pumpkins beautiful?  Ryder is going to miss them on the front steps.  Any time we go for a run or bike ride, he is eager to point them out when we get back within view of the house. But, Baby Brother is going to be eating these pumpkins next year, so he's happy to share. :)

Here they are - cut, gutted, and then baked. My Vitamix turned everything into baby food consistency and the freezer is slowly being stocked to feed this family at a fraction of the cost of its store-bought counterpart.

Now that makes for one happy Mama!

While I was working on my pumpkins this weekend, these two barefoot boys were fine-tuning their long boarding skills on the driveway. Thankful for sunny days and deployments that come to an end, so that these two can make memories together. <3

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