Friday, November 7, 2014

My New Etsy Shop!

I've been absent from here almost all week.  Sorry about that!  

BUT, I have a good explanation...

At the encouragement of my husband and a few friends, I decided to go ahead and open a shop on Etsy! I've always enjoyed working on creative DIY projects at home in order to meet needs as well as decorate my home with materials sourced in the USA and for a fraction of the cost of designer baby boutiques and home furnishing/decorating stores. It wasn't until I registered for our first baby that I realized just how much of what I wanted/needed came from China!

Opening the shop was easy.  It's free and fairly straightforward.  (On that note, if any of you have been toying with the idea of opening your own Etsy shop, let me know and I'll send you a referral for 40 free listings.)  

What I didn't expect, and what kept me from being free to keep up here on my blog, were my first two custom orders that came within 24 hours of getting things up and running. So, nap times have been spent on my sewing machine at the kitchen table.  So fun!

Just put this magnetic fridge alphabet set in the mail this morning!
I plan to add more items over the next few weeks as Christmas approaches and as extra time allows.  And I know you - so many of you out there are super crafty and love spending time on Pinterest yourselves.  I would love it if you would send me ideas via Pinterest or just pictures of simple items that you think would be a nice addition to the shop. Please, paste a link in my blog or fb comments area.  I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts and feedback. :)

A few other little projects...

And in the meantime, Ryder has become quite the little walker.  So proud of our big boy!

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  1. The fireplace pennant idea looks great; you nailed it with the tan material and red letters. I love to decorate my home for the holidays. My husband gets to put it all up once I create it. I never thought about opening an online store for my items, but perhaps it would be a good way to clean out some space.