Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Back To The Gym

Last weekend I decided that it was high time for me to get back to the gym and in shape again. What could be a better start to the week? For the last month I've been walking around our neighbourhood with the kiddos and Dixie, but that's usually at a Ryder-pace.

I made the mistake of putting my Monday morning gym aspiration into words, never expecting that it would invoke Murphy's Law - I was up with Lynden three times that night, before getting up at 4:45 to  make coffee, breakfast, and lunch and see Braden out the door. Then Ryder was up before 7 with a VERY wet bed. Lynden followed suit requiring a few outfit changes. Hopefully our well holds up to all of the laundry and bathing happening here!

Needless to say, I was suddenly extremely lacking in motivation! During breakfast I gave myself a little pep-talk and drank LOTS of coffee in an attempt to work up my courage. I needed to run out to the post office and dry cleaners anyway, so why not try the gym too?

Whew, what a rude awakening! I climbed 1,000 steps and then ran/walked 2 miles - a far cry from my glorious running days. But Lynden slept sweetly, Ryder played quietly, and I caught up with one of my other Mommy friends.

I was able to make a hasty exit after realizing that Ryder was wet through AGAIN (the last set of diapers I ordered were duds and Amazon is sending replacements - 2 day shipping can't come fast enough!). Oh, and we ended up leaving Stingy (Ryder's favourite creature) in the play area. Sigh...

Happy Monday!

These two cuties make motherhood worth it all though - even on crazy Mondays.

Here's to hoping for a less exciting Tuesday...

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