Friday, April 17, 2015

Celebrating A Year Together!

Today we celebrate the one year mark since Braden returned home from a very long deployment. Just for fun, I dug up a few photos to share so that you can remember the journey with us. 

Ryder and Daddy have one last 'lovey' before he leaves.

On his way home, I met Braden in Spain for their last port call.

Our view of the carrier from our hotel balcony.

This is my all time favourite photo. Braden leaves the Truman for the last time. Zappers are on their way home!

Ryder and I eagerly await the Zapper jets.

Together at last!

 We learned a lot in 9 months apart - but mostly how to rely on God's strength and wholly trust in Him. We appreciated so much the support of family, friends, and the church.

Oh but it's sure good to be together again!

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