Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Our Gourmet Dinner and Not So Gourmet Life

I had only eaten asparagus once before I was married. I was probably 10.


A family member had brought a beautiful dish of the green stalks wrapped in ham to a family hotdog roast in our backyard. We grew up pretty simply on meat, potatoes and the regular vegetables. You know, what grows in the garden - corn, peas, green beans, carrots, etc. Never asparagus. But, after being told to at least eat one, I took a deep breath and bit into the by then cold foreign vegetable. Needless to say, it didn't stay down long before coming back up and out. Yuck!

So, when I was married and my husband requested asparagus (trust me, he doesn't request veggies often!) I decided to be brave and give it another go. As it turns out, asparagus broiled with olive oil and parmesan is actually quite palatable.

Because it does happen to be a favourite of Braden's I'll occasionally seek out a new way to serve it with dinner. Last night we sampled a new dish (all credit goes to Pinterest) of Quinoa with Asparagus and a Fried Egg. I've decided that most things topped with a fried egg - runny yolk and all - become exponentially better! Light quinoa, crisp pine nuts, tart lemon, fresh oregano, savoury green onion and garlic...are you hungry yet?

Ryder certainly had no trouble putting his plate away.

And just in case you get the impression that we live a gourmet lifestyle, you should know that my laundry room is still overflowing with both dirty and clean clothes.

My chapstick found its way into a still full bottle of water - yes, there's a toddler in this house!

And with potty training in full swing, my life is far from glamorous. 

But I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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