Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My First ePantry Experience

Two posts in one day? I know, this is abnormal for me, but I came across a great deal that I just had to share with all of you Mamas out there. Yesterday on my Facebook feed I saw an advertisement for ePantry. Since it offered a 20% discount on the brand of diapers we use (Seventh Generation) I clicked on it, not thinking that they would be able to beat my Target and Amazon prices.

But, with the 20% off on top of free shipping and a $2 discount applied by the customer service rep I chatted with online, I snagged a deal too good to pass up - motivating me to share that with you as well.

Did I mention that I received my order less than 24 hours after making it? These diapers are going to tide me over until I receive the replacements mentioned in my post this morning.

Here's what I got for a total of $21.79 including shipping -

Here's what Amazon charges for the same items:

Seventh Generation Size 6 Overnight Diapers $11.99
Seventh Generation Tall Kitchen Drawstring Bags x2 $10.65
Seventh Generation Pantiliners $6.98
Grove Collaborative Pop-Up Sponges $9.98
Total $39.60

My savings $16.34

If any of you are interested in checking to see if your daily necessities are available at a similar discount, here's a referral link you can copy and paste in your web browser that will give you $10 off your first order as well as credit $10 off of a future order for me.


What about you?  Do you subscribe to any regular delivery services (meals, AmazonMom, monthly boxes, etc.)? I'm curious to know what is working for others out there.

Happy Tuesday!

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