Thursday, April 16, 2015

My Big Boy Is 2!

It's been a hectic week with two birthdays in four days. Here are a few shots of the sweet birthday boy...

A brand new soccer ball for our ball lover. We've already had lots of fun kicking it around the house. Daddy was able to be home for breakfast, so we enjoyed waffles with hot blueberry syrup - Ryder's favourite fruit.

In the evening a couple boxes arrived from Pop and Mimi. Ryder was so excited to finally be able to open them.

Here he is trying out his new sleeping bag and lantern. We can't wait to go camping this summer!

After helping me bake his cake in the morning, Ryder blew out the candles and we enjoyed a delicious chocolate cake - served on a new cake platter I received for my birthday!

Happy Birthday to our sweet firstborn!  
Ryder is a lover - persistent, sensitive, and eager to please. 

We love you Ryder boy!

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