Monday, January 26, 2015

35 Weeks and Counting...

Little Dipper keeps on growing and the big day is fast approaching! There's definitely a lot to get done before his arrival, but his brand new carseat arrived last week and so in a pinch we could get by now. :)

I'll warn you now - this may be picture overload - but we had such a fun-filled weekend, I couldn't decide what to leave out.

Out for a busy day of errands with my little buddy on Friday.

Ryder chose out a special treat at the cafe we visited for lunch, and learned a new word: 

Friday night I picked up our second Bountiful Basket. I wish that I had stopped to take a picture before diving in. I quickly got excited about the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and Saturday morning I got to work on a few different recipes.

Yummy butternut squash muffins to freeze and have on hand for Ryder and myself at home.  More than a few disappeared from the mini muffin tin and were devoured buttered, honeyed and hot by the boys. <3

*If you do look up the recipe to make, I'd recommend adding a little extra sugar. We topped ours with butter and honey, but they taste a little too 'healthy' on their own. :)

And then a super fantastic old-school red velvet layer cake made with two whole beets (thanks Bountiful Basket!) and no red food colouring. This was frosted and accompanied us to our Sunday church potluck - thankfully, there are just a few slices left to enjoy at home still. 

Saturday ended with homemade and grilled burgers on fresh-out-of-the-oven hamburger buns.  I tried a new recipe, which was great!

This bun got a little extra toasty on the grill. Oops!
Followed by a quick trip through the DQ drive-thru to get a 1/2 price Oreo blizzard, which we all shard. Mmmm...

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