Monday, January 12, 2015

A Little of This & A Little of That

Mondays generally contain a little of this and a little of that. But first, because I'm all about keeping it real, here's what Ryder found to do while I was in the shower this morning.

That's just about a whole roll of tp and too many q-tips to count. He can sure be thankful that I didn't find the mess until after he was already having his afternoon nap.  What a little turkey!

Weekends where everyone's home generally leave a bit of a mess around the house and so I always have some tidying to do on Mondays.  Today I also was able to meet my new doctor. My regular OBG for this pregnancy had a baby herself last week, and so today I enjoyed meeting the man who's going to help bring our next little guy into the world in about 6 weeks - give or take. :)

A quick trip to the gym after my doctors appointment was followed up with some time spent sewing an oh-so-soft baby blanket and a few burp cloths together for a friend who is due to have her first little girl soon.

And Ryder was overjoyed to receive a brand new beautiful red firetruck in the mail today.  We're so thankful to Granny for sending such a great Christmas gift! It was fun to watch him drive it around the house all evening.  He even snuck in one last little push when we told him to head to his room for bed tonight. :)

A very happy Monday to you all!


  1. Hey Jayne... I'm in the same boat St. Pierre is leaving at the end of this month.. who did u go with Mcdonald or beckman?

    1. Hi Kate! I saw Dr Beckmann yesterday and was really happy. Dr Rice recommended him and said she had chosen him as her doctor, so I went with him as well.