Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday Already?

I can hardly believe the speed with which this week has flown! I've been busy with playdates, making new friends, and keeping up with old ones.

I tried a new dinner recipe on Tuesday - Stromboli.  Should I be embarrassed that I didn't even know what Stromboli was until I searched Pinterest with the ingredients I had in my fridge?  Thankfully it was a big hit with the boys (I didn't tell them that it was packed with a full 2 cups of fresh spinach ;) and my little bread lover has enjoyed leftovers for lunch these last two days.

I look forward to getting back into teaching piano in the next couple of weeks. I had originally planned to put it off until after the baby, but with a new year there's no time quite like the present to jump right in! This will definitely factor into the fun side of 'work.' I've always enjoyed teaching and so just balancing my schedule with one more activity will be the most challenging aspect, but not impossible!

Since I don't have any new photos to share, here are a few from last week of Ryder and Daddy burning the Christmas tree and a few stray tumbleweeds that somehow managed to hop the fence into our backyard.

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