Saturday, January 10, 2015

Our Latest Adventure - Bountiful Baskets

I'm so excited to tell you about our latest adventure/experiment. I'm so excited about it - and most things that pertain to the kitchen - that naturally I want to share this with family and friends.

A month of two ago, we had some friends from church over for a play date.  In the course of conversation while our boys played, I learned from this friend that they participated in a Food Co-op called Bountiful Baskets. As a wife and mama always looking for economical ways to nourish my family with wholesome, and if possible, local food - my curiosity was piqued!  

Unfortunately, at the time I found out, we were about to be out of town for the better part of a month and it just wouldn't have been practical to participate then. But, since we've been home, I signed up for our very first basket - they even have an organic option!

Here's what I picked up last night...

The eggplant and one cucumber were gifted from that friend who introduced us to the co-op.  I happened to run into her while picking my box up and she shared what they couldn't use. 

Thus begins even more fun adventures in the kitchen, honing my culinary skills. For lunch today, we tried a new recipe - roasted green beans garnished with fresh tomatoes and bacon, and seasoned with lemon pepper. Here's the recipe, I highly recommend it! Even my non veggie loving husband cleaned his plate. :)  

My plan for tomorrow is to incorporate the eggplant into our lunch. Since I've barely even tasted eggplant and NEVER cooked with it, I sought out Martha's advice. Be sure to ask me how her Baked-Eggplant Parmesan turns out for our Sunday lunch! I think I'll make some crusty fresh bread with melted butter to accompany our experimental dish. 

Here is just another way that I'm learning to love our new duty station...  As a milspouse, you have to actively seek out aspects of a new community to love and places where you can get involved.  For our family, that generally starts with seeking out a church home where we can worship and be a part of a community of Christians. For me personally, I've been blessed to also meet and build relationships with other military wives - whether they be co-workers of my husband, ladies at the gym or moms at MOPS. But you've got to be active, you've got to look for ways to love your surroundings wherever you are - and you'll find them!

Since it's Saturday and we're enjoying some family time at home, here are a few photos of Daddy teaching Ryder to use the air pellet gun. Ryder's first 'shot' knocked the pig right out of the target. I think we have a prodigy on our hands. <3

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