Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy Friday!

Boy, Friday sure does feel good!  With 2 recovering sickies, it felt like not a lot of progress was made during the course of the week. But, it's Friday and all 8 Etsy orders placed over the holidays have been made and shipped, the kitchen table has been tidied of all my crafting supplies, and now the kitchen has been scrubbed and floor washed. Ahhh....  

Now to bake cookies!

Here are a few snapshots from our week:

Ryder loves his Christmas tools.
Please overlook the fact that he's hammering a screw. :)

Never too young to have your very own Starbucks mug.
Ryder loves his new big-boy cup.
If you look closely, there's a sick Daddy resting on the couch behind him. 

Ryder is my cool eskimo walking buddy in his sunglasses and fur hat.
Thankful for chilly but sunny days!

The farm animals in his Alabama Christmas stocking are a new favourite!

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