Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What to do on Thursday?

I've started reading a new book!  Last year at this time I was just about through David Copperfield. While I know better than to start something of that magnitude at this point in my life, a number of books I picked up in college have been waiting neglected on the bookshelf, so I picked up a smaller one to read.

What to do on Thursday? is written by one of my favourite authors when it comes to counseling material - I was a Biblical Counseling major in university. Jay Adams wrote a lot of the textbooks we used in psychology and counseling and he approaches the subject with a great respect for scripture and it's helpfulness in every area of life.

The theme of this book is how to practically use scripture in everyday life, not just on Sundays or when expected issues arise. On Sundays in church, it's common to hear the scripture preached and end with how to apply it to our lives - this is essential.  But here, Adams takes the approach of 'moving from life to law, from problem to passage' just the opposite direction and similarly important when pursuing to counsel others (or yourself) when problems arise.

I've only just begun, but I'm excited to share a little insight with you as I make my way through the book.  Here is today's thought-provoking quote...

And just for fun, here are a few shots of Ryder enjoying MOPS and getting some wiggles out. It's hard to believe how BIG he is getting.  No longer my baby...   <3

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