Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Reminding Myself to Stay Focused

About a month ago I stopped running.  Not for good (hopefully) but just until this baby arrives and I don't have gravity pulling on my protruding baby-belly. Less than 8 weeks until my due date - if anyone's counting!

Anyway, morning runs used to be a great time for me to leave behind distractions and allow my mind to take in truth, focus, and be reminded of what really matters. My favourite medium for accomplishing this is sermon audio. With the app on my phone, I am able to listen to excellent teaching and preaching by some of my university professors and pastors. If you check it out for the first time, don't be overwhelmed. There's a lot of material available, though I usually just search for my favourite pastor (Dr Greg Mazak) or school (BJU) or search for a particular text that I am interested in. 

Since running ended a number of weeks ago, and occasional trips to the gym just don't afford that same level of concentration, I've had to remind myself of my need to stay grounded, to constantly be meditating on truth, and lately, to begin my days in a way that really sets me up for success. 

And so, these last two mornings, after seeing Braden out the door to work, I've been listening to Dr Mazak as he preaches through the book of Acts (the birth of growth of the church). What a blessing it is to begin my day with this encouragement! 

My little monkey was up early to hear the last few minutes of the message this morning. :)

A little pre-breakfast playing with his new farm animals and magnetic blocks.

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