Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Little Motivation

It just takes the sound of laughter coming from the down the hall to get me out of bed in the morning - unless I'm already up to get hubby his coffee and see him off to work. To go for a run or bike ride, it doesn't take much, just a clear day and my faithful companions. Making a gourmet dinner - a hardworking and hungry husband.

I'm hiding behind the camera, because you don't want to see me all sweaty and gross. :)
What does it take to motivate you?

Since we've been married, Braden and I have tried to make a regular habit out of reading the Bible together daily. Ryder always gets a Bible story before bed, but we also make a point out of reading to one another, sometimes followed by deep discussion and at other times, just quiet reflection. We're picking up in Psalm 110 tonight. Having a partner on the same page as a faithful encourager has been a great motivation to anticipate and make time for our spiritual growth.

But I need something more, and I've known it for a little while now, I just haven't motivated myself to get started yet.  Until today. Thus begins more regular Bible memorization for this girl. I am reminded of my Bible Doctrines class at BJU and the endless verse cards that I carried with me everywhere - breakfast, chapel, sports games, work - everywhere. Maybe I won't be that intense with it, but we're to be meditating on the scripture day and night, right?

 So here's the beginning of what I want to make a habit, once again. Colossians 3:16-17, chosen because they are a good reminder of why we need to be remembering these words anyway. What better motivation?

How do you hide God's word in your heart?

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