Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Immigration Update

Today held another successful trip to Reno, this time to check in with the immigration office and have my fingerprints and photo taken. 

Ryder was a ham, winning the hearts of the big burly security officers and other employees with his toothy smile and silly antics.  

As a result of this visit, my green card will be renewed for another 10 years and hopefully in that time, I'll be able to become a US citizen. :)
 Of course, no trip out of my small town is complete without a stop by Starbucks!

And then Costco, where Ryder had a little pony ride.  These pictures are especially for the Mitton cousins. <3

Lately, Ryder has been eager to chatter and pick up new words. At home he's got 'neigh' and 'moo' down pretty well.  He'll also say 'soft' when he pets Dixie or wears his sherpa lined hoodie. On our drive, we talked about everything we saw (mainly sagebrush and dirt - lol) and Ryder learned 'tsoo tsoo' while we passed a train. 

At Target, Ryder was fascinated by the red spheres sitting outside and had to touch each one of them. This time, saying 'ball' perfectly. 

 On our way back home, we happened to spot a herd of wild horses that had come down from the mountains to drink from the Truckee River. 'Neigh...'
There are a few barely perceptible towards the bottom right of that little hill in the centre. 
 And before long, this little guy was tired from his day in the city and we turned back for home to make dinner and see Daddy.
Speaking of dinner... 
Homemade (crust, filling, and meringue) lemon pie was on the menu for dessert. Ryder gave his approval after sampling the beaters.

And that's a wrap. 
G'night friends!


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