Friday, October 10, 2014

Catching Up

It happens every so often, that I get caught up in a single task, usually a hobby or big project.  These last few weeks, it's been a quilt that I'm working on for Ryder. Isn't it easy, when you're doing something you love, to let those other less desirable tasks fall by the wayside?

Well, yesterday morning I woke up to a sick little puppy dog - and a HUGE MESS! As unappealing as cleaning it all up sounded, it was just the reminder I needed that more than her kennel needed a good cleaning.  So, floors were swept and washed, 4 loads or laundry finally folded and put away, and the kitchen deep cleaned.  And 'Ah....' it felt so good.

Ryder was rewarded for playing on his own all morning, with an hour long bike ride after his nap. He especially loved riding along out in the country near our airport and pointing at all the little planes coming and going.

We ended our day with my second attempt at cutting his hair at home.  This time, with much more success. Ryder loved the clippers and passed me all the right tools at the right time.
Today, we're off in search of adventure in this beautiful sunshine!
Post and pictures to follow...

Happy Friday Friends!
All cut, bathed, and ready for bed. <3

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