Wednesday, October 29, 2014

For The Love Of Reading

I've always loved reading . As I kid, it wasn't unusual to find me on my bike with a grocery bag full of library books (be they Nancy Drew, Louis L'amour, or Tintin comic books) swinging from my handlebars. 

Not a lot has changed. I still love spending time at the library. And what better way to introduce that love of books to Ryder than at children's story time, which just happened to be today. :)

Today we chose a few stories featuring our favourite curious monkey,
we listened attentively while the sweet librarian read a few stories,
and we made a little paper plate ghost with the other children. 

All in all, a successful morning out! 

It didn't hurt that Ryder and I shared a sweet snack (recommended by a special auntie) on our way home.

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