Saturday, October 11, 2014

Our Friday Adventure

We did it!

Ryder, Dixie and I had a great hike on Friday. I was a little unsure as we set out, but the trip was a huge success.  Ryder was content in the Ergo, hanging on to his little stingray, and exclaiming 'Da-yee' with a finger pointed skyward every time an airplane flew overhead.  Since the trail was near base, that was a common occurrence, but made this Mama's heart very glad that our little guy loves his Daddy so much. Plus, we knew Daddy would be in the air while we were out, so if you look closely, you can see Braden...

Dixie had a blast running on and off the trail, chasing lizards, and keeping a lookout for rattlesnakes. ;)

By the time we made it back down, everyone was happy but tired. We'll definitely have to make this a regular excursion - while my pregnant self can handle carrying the entire family, that is!
Of course, Stingy travels with us everywhere.
20 weeks today!

It was a quiet ride home.  Zzzzzz....

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